Please note after COVID-19, all major insurances are covering telemedicine visits, including Medicare Part B.  As a courtesy to our elderly population we will waive Medicare Part B copay.

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TeleeMD.com is an online doctor visit platform for comprehensive care of your family, from preventive care to urgent medical attention.  We are a family-first telemedicine platform, built with affection, to care for children, adults, and elders. Experience the right medical attention for your whole family, anywhere, and anytime, from your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

How it works

Access from phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.


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  • No app download.  No account set up.

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  • (Get lab slips if necessary)

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  • From your preferred local or online/mail-order pharmacy.

What we can help with

Your needs.  Our care.

Right answers, best care, right treatment - For your complete family.

Primary Care

Fight-off day-to-day common family health issues with the best doctor and right prescription at the convenience of your home.

Preventive Care

Discuss wellness, daily routine, nutrition, and diet with expert consultants from your home to keep sickness at the bay, for the whole family.

Pediatric Care

Give your kids immediate attentive care and make them smile with our affectionate pediatrician.

STD Testing

No more confusion about your private care.  Available discrete and best testing with faster results without worries.

covid-19 care

COVID-19 Consultation & Follow up care.

Get COVID-19 consultation and follow-up care to COVID-19 patients through our video visits.


See what our patients have to say...


Dr. Jafri took care of my daughter...he kept me informed about her condition and explained things easily.  He listened to my daughter's concerns and was very professional. He was knowledgeable and caring.  I would highly recommend him.

Ginger M. 


The doctor was compassionate, diligent and well organized...he understood the value and effectiveness of well-executed, non-operative treatments...communicates well with all the the health professionals involved in the patients care.  

Tonya A.


They great job of explaining what was going on, what tests will be done and what to expect....always gets to the root of a problem... appreciate what they do for their patients... and always very responsive when we need them.


initial & follow-up  visitS

(Without insurance)




  • Simple self-pay pricing
  • Does not include labs or Imaging

Mental Health visitS

(Without Insuracne)



/initial visit

  • $120 for all follow-ups
  • Services provided by our partners at iPsychiatry.net